How to promote your products on Amazon?

Hello to you all, friends! I’ll explain to you today on this subject how, by simply listing your goods on Amazon, you may promote it for nothing. We have seen so far that Amazon offers us a number of opportunities where we can pay money to boost the visibility of our products, and doing so also results in an increase in orders. However, is there a similar option that new sellers can use to launch their online businesses? Yes, friends, I will discuss and explain to you how you can promote your product for free, that too without spending any money, and you will undoubtedly gain from it on this topic today.

Watch the full video below and learn how I promoted my products in these ways

Frequently Asked Question About Advertising on Amazon

What is Amazon Sponsored Advertisement

When you run a campaign to increase the visibility of your products, it is called Sponsored Advertising.

How much does Amazon charge for running a Sponsored Advertisement?

Amazon does not charge a single rupee for displaying a product, but if someone clicks on that product, Amazon charges the seller according to the bidding amount.

Can we promote our product on Amazon for free?

Yes, you can just click here to watch the video

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