Amazon Seller Training

Amazon Seller Training

Amazon Seller Training in Hindi

It might be difficult for an Amazon seller to stand out in a crowded market. The Amazon Seller Training programme can help with that. This advanced training course teaches sellers the tactics they need to succeed on Amazon, including A+ content, sophisticated sponsored ads, listings optimisation, and SEO optimisation.

You will have access to free monthly Zoom meetings as part of the Amazon Seller Training programme where you may ask questions, pick the brains of other sellers, and gain insightful knowledge from professionals in the field. You will acquire the information and abilities required to advance your Amazon sales by taking part in this programme. Don’t pass up this fantastic chance to expand your business. Enroll in the Amazon Seller Training program today.

Amazon Course Syllabus

  • Introduction to Amazon Seller Central
  • How to Start Selling and How it works
  • How to sell without GST
  • Fees & Commission Structure
  • Product Research (Check Competitors Sales & Daily Orders)
  • Add a Products like a Pro
  • How to create Bulk Listings
  • Add Products with Variations (Color, Size, Name etc)
  • How to Improve Listing Quality (Avoid Future listing Suspensions)
  • Product Photography (Do’s & Don’ts)
  • How to Upload Product Videos
  • How to do Partial Updates (Pricing, stock, keywords etc)
  • How to take GTIN (UPC/EAN/ISBN) exemption
  • Brand Registry on Amazon
  • How to remove Mappers (Other Sellers) from your listings
  • What is buy box & what is the eligibility?
  • Best Practices to become buy box eligible
  • Titles, Bullet Points & Image Optimization
  • How to add logo to your store
  • Keywords Optimizations
  • A+ Content (Create Professional Storefront & Create A+ Product )
  • Create your own professional Brand store page
  • Process your Orders Professionally
  • Self Ship (Best to start with, why watch this video)
  • Easy Ship (Enable COD and Increase your orders PAN India)
  • How to do Easy Ship and Self Ship Together (Order Booster)
  • How to get Seller Fulfilled Prime (Prime Badge on all the listings)
  • How to Manage Returns
  • How to file Safe T Claim (Effective way to write an email)
  • Understand Amazon Payments
  • How to get reviews on your Products (Very Important)
  • How to disable COD on selected products
  • Introduction FBA
  • Amazon Local Shops
  • Amazon Go Local
  • How to add Warehouse
  • Documents required to Add Amazon Warehouse in you account
  • How to Convert listings from Merchant to FBA (Without out of stock)
  • Consignment Preparation (Detail Video with live example)
  • How to Ship your products to FBA
  • How to Enroll for Multi State FBA
  • How to choose Right products for Right Fulfillment Centre
  • How to Manage Products Restock Recommendations
  • How to Manage Stranded Inventory (ReSell Returned Products)
  • Our Ad Campaigns Results (Overview)
  • What are deals
  • How to Create Deals (Deal of The day, Lightning deals etc)
  • Coupons
  • Create Coupons and Increase your sales Booster Strategy – Combos
  • Prime Exclusive Discounts
  • Choose Right Products for Prime Exclusive Discounts
  • Promotions (Run Free Ads)
  • Sponsored Ads
  • How to create Campaigns How to create Campaigns
  • Automatic ads vs Manual ads
  • Sponsored Products
  • Sponsored Brand
  • Sponsored Display
  • What is ACOS & ROAS
  • How to create Refined targeting ads (Target Brands or a Product)
  • Bidding strategy to decrease ACOS and Increase ROAS
  • Keyword Group Testing (ad groups in 1 campaign)
  • Keyword Optimization
  • The Final Funnel to get 8+ ROAS
  • Budget Management & Allocation
  • Tips & Tricks to get Instant Result
  • Overview of Reports
  • Payment Reports
  • Order Reports
  • Inventory Reports
  • Business Reports
  • How to Manage Feedback
  • How to Remove Negative Feedback
  • Customer Feedback Analyzer
  • How to manage A-Z Guarantee Claims
  • How to Avoid Account Suspension (Very Important)
  • How to get into next level. (Basic to Premium)
  • How to use your Free Service Provider Network Credits effectively (Very Important)

Free Zoom Session (Every Month)

Zoom Session Konnection Business

We have a Zoom Q&A session each month as part of our dedication to assisting Amazon sellers who have finished the Amazon Seller training programme. This event is intended to provide sellers the chance to ask questions and get any uncertainties about selling on the Amazon marketplace answered.

Our knowledgeable team of Amazon specialists offers thorough responses to sellers’ inquiries during the session on subjects like account management, product listing, advertising, and customer service. We also offer advice on how to succeed on the platform, including best practises.

Our sellers value the chance to get in touch with us and receive specialised advice on how to develop their Amazon business. We are dedicated to maintaining these Q&A sessions and giving our sellers the assistance they require to succeed on Amazon.

Things you will get if you enroll in Amazon Seller Training Program

1. Lifetime Validity
2. Access to Seller Community
3. Access to Exclusive 78 Videos
4. Free Invitation for Zoom Sessions (Every Month)
5. Certificate


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