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3 Ways to Grow Ecommerce Business in India

It’s never simple to start an Ecommerce Business. Give yourself a pat on the back if you’ve already launched your online store. Let’s now discuss sales, which is the most important aspect of your company. Three tested strategies that many eCommerce companies have used with success have been compiled by us.

Read on for some tactics you can use to give yourself a competitive edge.

Customer Feedback

Do you know that while 80% of businesses claim to offer the best customer service, only 8% of customers concur with this claim?

Any business must first properly monitor customer feedback in order to provide the best level of customer service. Your customers’ feedback is directly related to the choices they make when making purchases.

After each call, provide your consumers a feedback form so they may score their entire experience. Don’t only add rating stars; invite them to contribute as well. The ideal method for doing this would be through the backend as well, and the best channels would be chat and email.

Strategically distribute client testimonies and reviews. Additionally, it will be preferable to have two separate processes for exchanging consumer feedback. One must be for bad reviews, which your business needs to improve. You will learn what needs to be improved by reading negative reviews.

Social Media

One benefit of eCommerce businesses is that you already have a presence online. What you should consider is how to interact with the appropriate audience on the appropriate platform at the appropriate moment. For D2C brands and eCommerce companies who sell their services and products to clients directly, social media is the foundation.

Nowadays, consumers search for brands across several channels, making social media activity essential. On social media platforms, your chances of engaging with your customers are higher.

Facebook and Instagram are two social media channels that you cannot ignore. You can make the perfect impression on your customers by maintaining a strong presence and marketing your products on Facebook and Instagram.

Share information that will appeal to your audience, and stay away from random posts on social platforms because they run the risk of alienating them.

List your Products on Amazon, Flipkart and Meesho

In today’s time, it has become very important that your products are listed on online marketplaces because most of the people shop on these platforms. The biggest advantage of being on the marketplace is that you can reach millions of people to your friends and increase your sales.

All of the brands today list their products on these marketplaces to do e-commerce business in India, and they gain a lot from this.  These online marketplaces must have played a significant role in the expansion of the industry because all of India’s major and little firms now have products listed on these sites. 

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