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Amazon invests in its Indian logistics sector with 375 crore rupees.

Ecommerce firm Amazon has invested Rs 375 crore in its Indian logistics arm, Amazon Transportation Services.

On June 16, funds was invested in Singapore and Mauritius by means of Amazon Corporate Holding Pvt Ltd and Inc Ltd. The investment comes as Amazon expands its market by bringing on more regional vendors.

On Amazon India’s site, there are currently 1.1 million sellers (11 lakh). There are more than 100 million users overall. Beyond just selling in the Indian market, Amazon introduced Smart Commerce this month, a programme that will assist offline retailers in setting up their online sites. It resembles the Canadian company Shopify. As one of the services offered by smart commerce, logistics enables retailers to sell on platforms other than Amazon. Amazon will give these stores access to its marketplace as well as other platforms.

In order to better serve their customers in both physical and digital stores, Amazon announced that stores of any size may now use Amazon’s expertise in shopping, logistics, digital payments, and other areas through smart commerce.

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