5 Tips for Amazon Easy Ship Sellers

Hello friends, all of you are very welcome and the topic we are going to talk about today is Amazon Easy Ship Services that delivers your courier and package to the customer.

I am going to cover 5 Amazon Easy Ship Tips that will help you grow your business.

Free Shipping

Friends, believe that if someone is looking at your product on Amazon or any marketplace and he is also liking that product, but if you have imposed shipping charges on that product, due to which the price of that product increases further. So in such a condition, customers always think before buying a product and many times it happens that they do not take that product, that’s why I suggest to all of you that you keep FREE SHIPPING on your product because people in our country do not like to pay extra money.

Handling Days

Handling days means that when you get an order, it has a fixed date that when you have to ship that product, if you have kept your handling time for 2 days, that means if you get the order today, You can ship the order in 2 days and as soon as you ship the order then this notification goes to the customer but if the customer will get this product late or after many days then he may reject your order.

Because of this, the customer’s experience will not be good and he may also give you negative feedback. I would request you to reduce your handling time to 1 day so that the order is delivered to the customer quickly.

Working Days

Friends, Amazon gives us such a facility, under which we can mark a holiday anytime in the whole week and we can be sure that we will not work on this particular day, but on one hand Amazon also says that if you work for 7 days, then the experience of the customer will be good and there are chances of you getting more orders because Amazon always keeps good visibility of such products which are ready to ship all seven days in a week.

Freebies and Thank you letter

Although it may seem counterintuitive to give something away for free or to express gratitude, doing so has the opposite effect on the customer. If the customer receives a pleasant surprise in the form of a free gift, he will be delighted to leave you with positive feedback, which will increase your sales.

Easy Ship and Self Ship

Yes friends, if you are only doing Easy Ship, then I would suggest you to start Self Ship along with Easy Ship because Easy Ship can deliver its products only on some limited pin code and there are many such cities and villages where there is no easy ship delivery, where you can deliver your products through Self Ship!

In Self Ship, you have an authority that you can block the pin code and enable those pin codes where you want to send the product.

Watch the full video below and learn 5 Tips for Easy Ship Sellers to grow business?

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