Amazon Payments Reconciliation कैसे करते है?

Hello everyone, and good to see you all again! You all have been operating online ecommerce for a while now, but today I want to share with you some information on Amazon Payments Reconciliation! You will learn all of that in this post, including when your payment will arrive, how much is left, how much Amazon has taken out, how many charges there were for returns, and how to acquire your account’s entire balance.

It is crucial for you to keep an account of your money whether you do business offline or online because if you don’t, your company will quickly go out of business. For this reason, I have made reference to this on my channel KONNECTION BUSINESS. I prepared a video in the hopes that it may help you understand all the complexities around payments reconciliation.

Watch the full video below and learn HOW TO DO AMAZON PAYMENTS RECONCILIATION?

What is Amazon Payments Reconciliation?

When Amazon deposits the money of sales on Amazon in our bank, then its accounting is called payment reconciliation.

Does amazon provide us any reports?

Yes, they provide these reports in Excel Format

What if a payment is wrongly entered or has not been received?

You can contact seller support by creating a case id. They will connect your email to the internal team and they will reimburse your amount.

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