How to register a new brand name in India?

Friends, I hope all is well with you. Friends, I’ve got a really excellent topic for you guys today, and I’ll teach you how to find out if it’s available before signing up a friend.

You must be aware that before building a new website, people first check to see if the desired domain name is accessible. Similar to that, we also need to check the brand name to make sure no one else has already claimed it for that product. Let me explain to you how you may access the official government website and discover how you can choose your preferred brand and register it from there.

The largest mistake people make in the lengthy process of registering a brand name is choosing the name of the brand before checking to see if it already belongs to someone else. The government requires at least 6 to 12 months to register these brands, and occasionally additional time is needed because we are not required to go through this process.

After the brand name is registered, we may use “TM” Trademark or “®” Registered in front of the brand name. This gives our brand a highly professional appearance and gives customers a certain impression. Also developed is confidence.

Watch the full video below and learn How to find brand name availability in India?

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